LEEMA Building

“We help you do business better at Leema building ─ a well-recognized building as the best place for business.”

Leema building site was where the house of Jeong Do-jeon, who had greatly contributed to opening the new era of the Chosun Dynasty some 600 years ago, had been situated.

This site has a reputation for having produced many prominent scholars.

And this place also was the site of a government office responsible for royal court items such as royal houses and wagons during the Chosun Dynasty.

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Feng Shui

The site of the Leema Building is where the clean water from the Kyungbok-Palace and Samcheong-dong meets and flows into the Hangang River. Jeong Dojeon, one of the prominent contributing founders of Chosun Dynasty, recognized this place as one of the most auspicious places in Seoul in terms of Feng Shui, Chinese geomancy, which values invisible forces, so called ‘qi’, that harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. Also, this place was the site of ‘Sabogsi’: a government office of Chosun Dynasty responsible for caring king’s horses and carriages.


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